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By  bluedoll  |  9

Oh....Next time maybe you should yell as you come up the stairs? I always call my parents to let them know I;m coming home...just so everyone has clothes on....

  zargon  |  9

Yeah, I think everyone missed that part, since it wasn't in the FML. In fact, the FML suggests that the parents knew she was out. Where did you get this "sneaking" from?

By  thumb_r0ck3r  |  5

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  zed_eh  |  7

Ydi cuz you said "all of a sudden I heard a sigh" "all of a sudden" implies that there was something unexpected and eventful. That sentence just doesn't flow good

By  Casualt1234  |  7

Today, I found out that even though my parents have been married for 21 years, our "family friend," who routinely accompanies us on family vacations, completes their threesome. Everyone in town has know for years, except for me and my older brother. FML haha oh threesomes are the all rage lately..


Today, the guy I made cookies for, spent hours getting ready for, and drove 3 hours in traffic to see never actually wanted me to come. When I knocked on his door, he opened it, but immediately closed it in my face. He then texted me saying, "I met someone else." FML

By Caligirl1996 - / Tuesday 9 June 2015 06:10 / United States - Long Beach

Today, I went to my girlfriend's house to celebrate our 4-year anniversary with a shadow box I had made for her of our memories over the years. I left her house single, with a small bag of "breakup candy." FML

By zeeman2015 - / Tuesday 27 October 2015 13:32 / United States - Austin
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