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He's usually such a sweet cat! I have no idea if I scared him or what :/ Still hurts!
By misfitunfit / Wednesday 5 November 2014 15:58 / United States
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#41 don't you mean catting me

  brenton490  |  19

You gotta be kitten me! That sounds like a catastrophe of a day... Your pussy must hate you right meow to do that.it sounds to pawful. I hope rest of your day goes purrrfect!

By  SoapTurtle  |  7

Now thats the the of pussy i dont want.


Just so you all know, these are great things to put on burns if you want to get an infection. Unless of course its a very minor burn where all of the skin is intact and not blistered. Either way, lukewarm water is the way to go.

By  headofmedusa  |  15

Another reason to hate cats

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