By Jake Whitte / Monday 6 June 2011 13:50 / United States
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Demand a gift. Then demand another one on your real birthday. She'll feel so guilty for forgetting your birthday date that she'll have to buy you twice. OP is a genius. Now he doesn't have to decide between MW3 and BF3.

  sxe_beast  |  11

I hope the OP's mother was JK. How does a woman forget the day of pushing out a giant fat ball of bloody screaming mucous out of her vagina after carrying it for nine-ish motnhs?

  Maddoctor  |  10

I found this FML pretty funny because it's my actual birthday today.

By  ruthchun92  |  2

Ydi cus you actually took the time to do that.

By  Chocomaro  |  4

at least one person knows

  forever2life  |  0

wow retard you tried to be cool by adding comments to your post.

By  brooooks  |  0

haha , your mom has facebook? :p

  techweed  |  12

51 - that's your opinion, I really liked it cause the grandma in the video looks just like my grandma, who also has a Facebook, the similarities makes it hilarious

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