By Anonymous / Thursday 3 July 2014 16:42 / France - Beausoleil
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  CallMeWindSock  |  24

Hahah fang mal bitte nicht erst damit an! Wir gewinnen eh ;) aber morgen wird's ja ganz lustig beim Fußball, wenn du schaust

  Audem_fml  |  27

Frankreich kann gar nicht gegen Deutschland gewinnen. Das ist mir klar ! Die andere Franzosen sind nur dumm. ^^
#35 Sorry FML's staff. It proves one thing : that website is trully international ! :P

  1tsmenoah  |  20

This whole thread has become people communicating in foreign languages to other people in other foreign languages. Please. Speak. English.


I don't know... I mean it's really weird to have neighbors swimming in your pool but maybe they like know each other? I think it's a bit much to call the cops. A simple conversation about boundaries should suffice.

  badluckalex  |  23

I want to know why op leaves the house unlocked when they go on vacation....

  littlekellilee  |  44

44, sometimes neighbors swap keys so they can look after the house when one is gone.

  keirookami  |  11

how would it be OPs fault? they were trespassing while op was on vacation and op never gave them permission to swim. Plus I don't think France sues people to the extent America does

  yung_dubbs  |  9

I would call the cops. That's not right. They should know that there is a boundary and you definitely don't hop to your neighbors house and use their pool and backyard without their permission. That's ignorant, stupid, and a bit creepy.

  JokersHQ  |  21

It may not have been left open. The patio and pool are more than likely outside. So they were just on their property and using their stuff while the person was awa

By  dtupton98  |  7

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  OysterPearls  |  33

From the inside.

By  Audem_fml  |  27

Maybe they are just checking up on your house, making sure it's not being robbed ;)

By  man_in_black08  |  28

You should have been like "oh now that your here, why dont you make all of yourselves comfortable in my rooms too?" Perhaps it might have made them feel a little.

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