By Anonymous / Friday 3 September 2010 06:18 / United States
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102- Well by the looks of your DP it appears you already do.

  nyxierae  |  1

$20 for moisturizer is actually pretty pricey. Just sayin. Obviously you have no idea how to take care of your facial skin.

  rebbee  |  0

I was thinking the same thing! My face cream, toner and cleansers cost me about 60 bucks each! Don't complain OP- it's not like you paid a fortune for it.

  JustJess666  |  0

umm 20 bucks isn't expensive. no wonder it smelled like shit. you spend mire then 20 and you can get a good smelling one that does it's job. you must be pretty broke or poor to think that 20 is alot. hahah!

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