By AdamTB - / Tuesday 21 July 2015 17:45 / United States
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#20 - no matter how bad the class is, I'd still rather get a grade on my transcript for it instead of being a no-show.


Unless your college tales attendance (which I've never heard of) you than simply show up for the tests, and most homework is only at most colleges now so if it's one of those classes then there's that.


^do you live under a rock? Lots of college classes DO count attendance with a clicker device. Plus, there are clicker questions which you need to be present for, or you get a zero. Daily grades and hw don't weight a lot (around 8%) but I'll take the free gpa booster. Even if It's not required, you ARE required to have a certain amount of hours outside of your major, or more commonly known as elective classes.

My parents couldn't control what classes I took in college. Neither can yours. You are attending for yourself and your future.

Although he may be in college, he might be supported financially by his parents. If that is the case he might have to (or feel obligated to) listen to them. However if you feel you don't want to take the class, then you need to stick up for yourself.

You're the master of your own destiny. Don't let your parents control what you want to do with your college career.


#32, probably because 5 people have already told OP to stand up for himself and 5 other people have already responded that he may not be able to do that because his parents pay his tuition.

You're doing it for all the wrong reasons. When my parents did something similar my first semester, I took control by taking out loans. College is for you, not them.

Are you seventeen? Do you need their signature on a drop/add form to change classes? If not, weigh the pros and cons and make an adult decision and stand by it.

Your parents cannot control you. You are an adult. You have the right to make decisions for yourself. From the sounds of it. It seems like you are doing this for your parents. You should never stay at something just because it is what your parents want. Do it because you are passionate about it.

If you actually do have Asperger's, OP, I would like to show support. I know friends that have it as well and heard about the troubles it causes. That being said, don't be afraid to change things without consulting your parents, especially if you don't like it. This is for your future :) not theirs.

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