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SERIOUSLY. I pay every month to get to go to a gym. And would KILL for a wii and wii-fit. There are so many ridiculously awesome games designed around getting your heart pumping. My cousin uses Wii and the work out games and has visibily lost weight. She does it every morning and says its fun because she feels like shes either just playing a game or working with a trainer. To the other commenters: Think about it. The OP is probably very over-weight. Or at least moderately. Enough for her fri


Totally! And if you asked for gifts corresponding to you, then maybe they just thought that you are interested in being healthy, not that you NEED to lose weight. I would love for someone to give me those gifts. Be grateful that you have such awesome friends who obviously care about you.


Agreed. OP, you are being slightly ungrateful. Many would beg you upside-down to get that membership. The wii fit and the awesome cookbook to top it all off? Man, you're lucky. On the ever brighter side you have friends who care for you and your health.

maybe they think you like to work out go the health route instead of that your fat. relax they seem to be real friends to spend that much money!!! you dont spend that much money to hurt someone!

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