By Anonymous / Thursday 23 October 2014 01:33 / Australia - Liverpool
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By  Ravenz_fml  |  10

That's real "shitty" for your son

  MrsDruidess  |  23

op is so upset that her grown son did this, his real punishment should be growing the hell up and getting kicked out!! Cut the cord mom, your obviously not doing him any favors

By  rosso700  |  14

Guys never grow up

By  LikeYouGiveAShit  |  27

Throw toilet paper at him as punishment. Then he's sure to never do it again!

By  GigaPudding_fml  |  24

Halloween's coming up! He probably had to practice... Right. That must be it. *Trying to explain irrational behaviour*

By  epilepticloh  |  18

And he's still living at home??

  syed121417  |  22

It's not that easy to live alone, ya know. If someone is in college and doesn't dorm, staying at home is the best option. It's hard to find work especially these days. I think when you get your first place alone, it shouldn't depend on age, it should be based on how ready you are to be an adult, which even that shouldn't be based on a number.

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