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Today, drunk at a party, I leaned through a window to throw up. I was outside. FML

By kise / Wednesday 28 November 2012 06:20 / France - Paris
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  rs89  |  20

Actually, the mental image I'm getting is highly amusing. All you gotta do is picturing a person peacefully sitting next to that very window or below it (depending on the structure), then imagine their surprise and facial expressions!

By  Mattpig  |  15

Quit life

  CaptNomNom  |  17

"kill himself, please" would have been a better phrase

By  Mattpig  |  15

Epic fail


20-FML is a vortex Twilight Zone that sucks in overused phrases and revives them continuously through idiot commenters for extended periods of time.

Other phrases like

"Doesn't matter, had sex."

"Cleveland voice: That's nasty."

Are still used, though not nearly as often as before.

  CaptNomNom  |  17

Come on. It's not that bad. Maybe h- oh who am I kidding. In quote of what you have said, you're an epic fail.

By  PipingMouse  |  14

Projectile Vomiting on all the people inside? Why would you get that drunk at a party? YDI, OP.

By  RealTalk0  |  7

Oh god..the irony.

  RealTalk0  |  7

I don't know. Maybe it's because he was outside and vomited inside, rather than a vice versa situation. Maybe I'm just stupid; yeah, let's go with that.

  PandaSpots  |  10

It's so weird when English ppl say arse. Us Americans are just like " NO!!! It's ASS!!!!"

By  perdix  |  29

That would suck if it was your house. Otherwise, your drunken antics are probably so hilarious and disturbing that your host considers cleaning your vomit a small price for the hours of entertainment you provided.

Hopefully, video of your inebriated rampage will make it to YouTube.

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