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YDI for being unprofessional. Next time just wait until you're off the phone completely, or better yet just keep your mouth shut.


I would fire you on the spot. that is why you never talk about a client while the phone call is still connected not even if you hit the mute button. they can malfunction but you didn't even have brains enough to try use it


Depends on where you live really. I had never heard of that word until I started reading FML.


Nah, it depends on your education. But I guess that's related to where you live to a certain extent, so in a way you're right.


It seemed like a normal word to me as well, so I looked this up and apparently it's really only used in UK English. So I guess that does make it more of a regional rather than educational matter. ;)


Hmm, I guess we should just consider ourselves lucky with our excellent Dutch education ;)

At least now you know the calls are recorded before you started that phonesex business you always dreamed of.

YDI, because if you're going to bow to such an unprofessional urge to be rude about a client, at least have the damn patience to wait until you've finished the call.

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