FML - The follow-up
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Wellllll ... I'm not 100% sure that someone DIDN'T see it. People are such backstabbers in my office that no one would ever say it to your face; they'd just gossip about you at the water cooler.
By Few_Absolutes - / Monday 12 October 2009 18:10 / United States
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It wants to leave me - woohoo It wants to relieve me - woohoo It'll never hurt me - woohoo Woohoo - Hooo, Hooo Don't trust a fart... Never trust a fart.... Don't trust a fart... 'Cause a fart won't trust me....

More cunning and dangerous than the shart from "Jaws." What was fake about the family emergency? You prevented your family name from being indelibly stained.

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