FML - The follow-up

Today, at my work at a charity shop, I reached into a new bag of donations only to pull out... used underwear. Thanks for your generosity. FML

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@22 Yeah that's exactly what I do now since this happened and @21 exactly. I swear some of the stuff people "donate" is ridiculous. It's clearly just stuff they couldn't be bothered to dispose of properly. One time, someone "donated" a small bag with a bundle of string and a rock in it (??) and another time someone had "donated" their old retainer..... just, why? And @16 it's true we get money for bags of rags and damaged clothing that we can't sell, but we don't a
By indigohero - / Thursday 21 January 2016 04:19 / United Kingdom - Leicester
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There's actually a big market for used women's panties online. They can go for as much as $100 if they're a sexier style and pictures are included. It's gross and creepy that anyone would buy them. But hey, if you're in a tight spot why not ship 'em out to some lonely pervert so he can sniff where your crotch used to be.

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