By my name is sarah / Thursday 21 January 2016 03:48 / United States - Midland
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By  RenamonFucksLuna  |  21

Question her motives. Maybe it's a subtle hint to something?

By  snarkytruth  |  37

She's just distracted. She knows your name Michawn er I mean Carol or is it Beth?

By  snarkytruth  |  37

She's just distracted don't take it personally Michawn er, I mean Carol or is it Beth?

  snarkytruth  |  37

No my computer froze and didn't show the comment for a while so I resubmitted it. Believe me as soon as they both showed up I kept trying to delete the second one but the ap won't let me. It's just one of those days that even a Walking Dead reference can't salvage. : /

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