By Sad Student / Monday 3 February 2014 03:26 / Canada - Toronto
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By  Robtranis  |  11

Did you poop butterflies?

By  Robtranis  |  11

Did you poop butterflies?

By  derpy_batman  |  4

Poop the rainbow?

By  JennaNGood  |  21

That... Blows. Also I'm impressed at your ability to eat three packages - one is my limit.

By  DanielleinDC  |  28

I'm all sympathetic to stress eating--I've done it myself--but you gotta be careful to stop before you make yourself sick.

By  peanuty001  |  19

xD more like feel the rainbow coming back up

  sweetbliss3  |  32

good thing thats not how you get diabetes. regardless, i dont know how you managed 3 boxes, i get nauseous after half of a little bag. ha hope your exams went well, though.

  ajh1551  |  14

if they continued eating in this way then they would probably eventually get diabetes... however if you spend a week eating sugary food then your body reacts by becoming more sensitive to insulin... However if you spend a week eating just fatty foods then your body actually becomes less sensitive to insulin. Therefore one should avoid fatty foods to avoid diabetes ;)

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