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Hey guys, OP here. I did not know how damaging Flappy Bird was to the brain until my friend convinced me to play it, and it's been a downhill road ever since. I literally smashed into the first pipe 40 times in a row, and got more frustrated every time. So I'm supposed to count to ten when I'm feeling "irrational rage" but instead, I just pressed start. (oops...) I threw my phone through a window. The phone is shockingly okay, except it still has Flappy Satan. Yeah, that game is straight from the depths of hell.
By tigerisabelle - / Thursday 6 February 2014 03:39 /
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By  IvyOswin  |  17

Hulk smash something and then ease your way back to relaxation and tranquility.

  Ambient25  |  24

And you wonder why you're single

  mamamiaaa_fml  |  12

How about hulk not smash everything...how about hulk learn self-control....maybe also not be so green. And invest in larger sized clothes.

In all seriousness though that game is evil. Pure evil.

  Ambient25  |  24

Or gets stuck in a 5 hour class on Tree Anatomy

By  zaise_chsa  |  19

I guess you could say you went flappy.

By  thelittlemissy  |  28

Why play a game you can't win? ;)

  xerbrus  |  14

i don't see what's so frustrating about it i got 27 rarely get a new high score and its usually up by one but whatever its just a meaningless game

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