By killme / Tuesday 11 November 2014 17:43 / United States - Warner Robins
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  Just_A_Tree  |  20

OP, what were you thinking? Your LAST 4 dollars? It couldn't be spent in a better way? Like food? You will get hungry, and body wash doesn't feed you! A good way to save money is to stop buying stuff like that! I realize it can work, but it's not worth your LAST 4 dollars! And I know, cut backs suck. But you've got to prioritize! I'm really sorry that you're down in your luck. Things can get better, but not if you pursue comfort over needs...

By  MeanBeagle  |  22

I would reply something relevant but I'm so broke I couldn't pay attention


...what does that even mean?

  skychu  |  18

Personally, I thought #4's comment was clever
@#29, it's a play on words in that he's so broke, he couldn't afford to "pay" anything. In this case, he couldn't "pay" attention

By  JonBall  |  13

That's what I call itching to make money

By  Rodopen  |  19

Well next time do be so irRASHinable

By  nyte_assassin1  |  11

Well that sucks fyl

By  KayyKaylyn  |  14

You must got some pretty bad karma built up.

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