By Anonymous - / Friday 7 January 2011 02:59 / United States
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  MrFerret  |  0

You should have done the Christian thing, and turned the other cheek. Then stare deep into her eyes and say your soul needs a little work cause your going to hell! Bwwaahaha burn muthaf***a!!!!


He is actually an amazing singer .


>I like to think that's what I would've done
Of course you would. But pretty much everyone else thinks the same way but really wouldn't do a thing if they were in the described circumstances.

By  ydi_4_suking  |  20

Yea seriously. 20 punds isn't crap. Well anyways. You should wash your face more. Noone likes to be staring into a pizza face

  capricaz  |  0

You ass. People with acne are known to over-wash their faces with no improvement whatsoever. People with actual problems sometimes take pills that can damage your liver and STILL have a problem after treatment. I hate ignorant people like you. High schools are full of these fuckwats.

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