By some things never change - / Wednesday 28 November 2012 23:04 / Canada - Maple Ridge
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  alpaquette91  |  9

Cows don't spit, but she was pretty rude.

  Brooks2011  |  5

Yuck (2chainz voice)

  zango1  |  15

Its certainly not a good way to try to end a rift and it's definitely a lose-lose situation for OP. In a sick kind of way the animosity may have started out of concern for her daughter. Spitting in the food may be more to do with being ignored for 4 years than the husband. Avoid her for a while but don't leave it too late.

  israelnotjacob  |  20

Clearly your mom is just a really immature person. You should tell her that when she's ready to actually be civil you're just a phone call away, but until then you won't be visiting again. Put the ball in her court, and if she never grows up enough to stop acting this way you've done nothing wrong.

By  Aeroxx1337  |  17

Well obviously your response is to spit in hers.

Or put hot sauce in it, that works too.


I know a bit about "an eye for an eye". Don't take an eye... Make her feel like an ass for doing what she did by exposing her... Then politely decline the food and leave She didn't get a reaction, and you were the bigger person.

  ClassyCommando  |  13

An eye for an eye only makes the whole world blind if the last two people have an eye each and they gouge each other's eyes out simultaneously. Barring that, there'll be one badass left with a good eye and 7 billion blind people to exploit. Strive to be that badass.

By  UnidentifiedFun  |  37

You should 'discover' the spit later and tell her off for it

By  speckledots  |  29

Don't be the type to hold grudges. Its unhealthy. Just move on and let go of things in your life that cause more trouble and problems than they're worth. No matter how hard it is.

  citymayer  |  7

Sometimes it's not a grudge that keeps you away from someone; it's the fact that they don't deserve to be in your life. My dad, for example, kicked me out of his house because his wife doesn't like me. I don't hold a grudge against him for that. I already decided I didn't want to live with a jealous and scornful woman. I just refuse to speak to him or see him because that and many other things that he and his wife (and the rest of his family) have done to me.

  doodlecloud  |  26

6 - Is that sarcasm? It's so dumb it just might be...I mean, did you not read the fml? They DID let it all go and give her another chance. It didn't work out.

  speckledots  |  29

No where in my statement did I say to give her more chances. I believe I said don't waste your time holding grudges and just move on. let it go and don't bother with it anymore. As in move on. no where did I mention to keep giving her chances. Maybe you should read things more carefully.

By  rattusrattus  |  18

She sounds like someone you should avoid. If you (for some reason) wish to have a relationship with her, go without your husband.

Personally I would avoid her. She invites you over so she can spit in the food she's serving you, that does not sound like a good person to have in your life.

By  ositoakaluis  |  16

you should of just gotten your husband and left but keep texting her saying your on your way but stuck in traffic

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