By stoych - / Monday 8 October 2012 07:14 / United Kingdom
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Personally, I wouldn't have cared. It happens. I would have wiped it off and continued with the kiss. Besides, it can be a funny memory to bring up if you keep dating!

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I hate to be harsh but OP definitely deserved this, she's obviously old enough to know when she needs to blow her nose.My three year old nephew could figure this one out.


#39 Our bodies do fail us sometimes. I always blow my nose, but that snot bubble has happened to me as well (unfortunately). We're all human and we all stumble across the most embarrassing moments that involves our bodies humiliating us; it doesn't mean we deserve it, it just means we're human.


To be honest, that comment was poorly worded... what I meant was that it was the OP's fault, not that she deserved it, sorry for the confusion. (I'll go ahead and thumb this comment down)

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