By Noname / Thursday 5 March 2009 19:44 / Canada
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  karmasab17ch  |  0

read my name karma is a bitch!!!!

  AliaChen  |  5

couldn't OP at least CLOSE THEIR MOUTH before the snot fell in?


they don't always wear those mouth things. one time when I went to the ortho. and had some random lady working on my teeth she didn't wear one. then she started talking on her cell phone. i shut my mouth and pulled away at that point, though.

  liketenpandas  |  6

if he had a bloody nose and you had bitten your cheek or something then yes I suppose you could get HIV (not aids, aids is a syndrome, hense auto-immune deficiency syndrome) but a very rare circumstance of course. also mammary glands can pass on HIV.

  triumphly  |  0



Today, I am 1,000 days sober and drug-free. I suffer from depression and I am craving terribly. I have a migraine and a bladder infection. And I can deal with all of this. But what I can't deal with is my dipshit coworker asking if I want to go out for drinks and snort cocaine to celebrate. FML

By Tattoo_Freak - / Friday 14 August 2015 11:08 / South Africa - Roodepoort
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