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  Sports_guy3  |  28

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Of course he's allowed to drink, I don't think that was the issue. However showing up to teach student well intoxicated may be a slight issue. Not many jobs are all over you coming to work drunk regardless of if you legally can drink.

  ComoEsJuan  |  24

In some counties, like the one in which I work, you can't be fired for showing up drunk if you admit to having a problem. The county will then send you to get treatment. Then, if you don't go, you can be fired.

  holeyman  |  8

Teachers union in California helped a teacher retire and get his FULL benefits after frosting cookies with his sperm and feeding them to the kids. Showing up drunk isn't even a big deal to them

  Xquisite1  |  26

Google."Mark Berndt". A very sick perverse bastard. He fed them his semen on plastic spoons as well while they were blindfolded and he also allowed cockroaches to crawl on their faces as well in addition to the semen-coated cookies.

By  JMichael  |  25

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By  catkat1988  |  17

I'm not sure what exactly is meant by "discipline", but that teacher should've been fired - especially if he was drunk in front of the kids. As for his mother, I fail to see how her threats could be anything but completely empty - she is not in any position of power over you.


Today, I found a phone in a fitting room. I called the number that said "home" to let the owner know that I was going to give it to the store's manager. Apparently the husband didn't know his wife was out shopping and "blowing all his earnings". FML

By Enslaved - / Friday 20 February 2015 03:16 / United States - Homestead
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