By brebre101 / Sunday 31 July 2011 09:05 / Canada
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  bfflrhea  |  0

HOW DO PEOPLE GET FIRST COMMENTS?! ive always wanted to! Loll

By  justanotherbird  |  19

Not so bad unless your bro is a witch doctor. Just typical sibling behaviour.

  Xx_Dakota_xX  |  1

Halla Lou Ya! Praise the all mighty king. or something like that o.o

  ByteCarter97  |  0

voodoo? on your annoying little sibling? totally normal. praise Satan!

By  xviem  |  0

Where was she sticking the needle ?

  KVloveBC  |  0

^^Failed *You're stupid.

  Nick_1993  |  2

It means Original Poster and all these guys making silly statements, have no life because they sit on this app thinking about what to say, whilst beating their meat. Dont mind them.


Okay, I'm pretty amused with all the sarcasm going on here, but I had trouble figuring out what OP exactly meant when I first came here too. It means Original Person. Kay? Got that kid? You better have because I don't want you posting that question on any other FMLs-- it annoys the viewers.

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