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I'm from the US (PA and NJ), but I currently live in Northamptonshire, England. I enjoy traveling, even if I don't tend to have the money for it. I'm good with animals. I have a thing with learning new languages. Currently, I speak a tiny bit of Russian, conversational Japanese, English (my native language), and Spanish (3 years). I also like trying new foods wherever I happen to travel. I listen to alot of different bands in a lot of different languages and styles. In english, I listen to alt-rock, hard rock, metal, nu-metal, goth rock, country, emo, punk, pop, and ska. In japanese, I listen to rock, pop, and metal. In russian, I listen to rock and pop. I play video games of all sorts, but love adventure games (particularly point-and-click), RPGs, and survival thrillers. I love anime and manga. I am married to a young man from England I call Malcaius, but have a girlfriend, too. I am currently going to school, working toward my VMD.
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