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H⃙e⃙y⃙ e⃙v⃙e⃙r⃙y⃙o⃙n⃙e⃙,⃙? M⃙y⃙ n⃙a⃙m⃙e⃙ i⃙s⃙ i⃙s⃙a⃙b⃙e⃙l⃙l⃙a⃙ e⃙v⃙e⃙r⃙y⃙o⃙n⃙e⃙ c⃙a⃙l⃙l⃙e⃙s⃙ m⃙e⃙ i⃙z⃙z⃙y⃙ f⃙o⃙r⃙ s⃙h⃙o⃙r⃙t⃙. I⃘ l⃘o⃘v⃘e⃘ m⃘y⃘ s⃘p⃘o⃘r⃘t⃘s⃘ e⃘s⃘p⃘e⃘c⃘i⃘a⃘l⃘l⃘y⃘ s⃘o⃘c⃘c⃘e⃘r⃘,⃘n⃘e⃘t⃘b⃘a⃘l⃘l⃘,⃘ g⃘y⃘m⃘n⃘a⃘s⃘t⃘i⃘c⃘s⃘ a⃘n⃘d⃘ m⃘a⃘n⃘y⃘ m⃘o⃘r⃘e⃘.⃘ ☺️ I⃓ c⃓a⃓n⃓ s⃓p⃓e⃓a⃓k⃓ 2⃓ l⃓a⃓n⃓g⃓u⃓a⃓g⃓e⃓s⃓ E⃓n⃓g⃓l⃓i⃓s⃓h⃓ a⃓n⃓d⃓ g⃓e⃓r⃓m⃓a⃓n⃓ M⃝y⃝ b⃝e⃝s⃝t⃝ f⃝r⃝i⃝e⃝n⃝d⃝s⃝ a⃝r⃝e⃝ B⃝l⃝a⃝i⃝s⃝e⃝,⃝ S⃝t⃝e⃝v⃝i⃝e⃝ a⃝n⃝d⃝ g⃝r⃝a⃝c⃝e⃝T⃝h⃝e⃝y⃝ a⃝r⃝e⃝ t⃝h⃝e⃝ w⃝o⃝r⃝l⃝d⃝ t⃝o⃝ m⃝e⃝.⃝ A⃡n⃡d⃡ i⃡'⃡m⃡ a⃡ s⃡u⃡m⃡m⃡e⃡r⃡ g⃡u⃡r⃡l⃡ ☀️
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  • Profile completed

    You’ve filled out the necessary details. Having done so will be much appreciated.
  • I like your style

    You gave a Hug to someone. How cute!
  • Checking you out

    You checked out the profile page belonging to one of the last people to have a look at your profile.
  • Mobility

    You are connected to FML via the mobile site or an app. How modern.
  • Socialite

    You used FML’s private messaging service for the first time. Will they reply? Wait and see…
  • Up and coming moderator

    It’s nice of you to help us sort out the submissions, using FML’s moderate feature.
  • Who’s the fairest of them all?

    This is now the third time you’ve changed your profile pic.
  • What'ch'all looking at?

    You have put three pictures on your profile, but not necessarily pictures of your profile.
  • It's in the can!

    Hey, you uploaded your photo, and you’re cute as a kitten!
  • Consolation prize

    Your FML was denied. We had to at least give you a badge to cheer you up a bit.
  • One more and it's business time

    You've received 68 Hugs on your profile. Kinky.
  • Keen reader – Level: godlike ninja

    You have voted for 100% of the entire collection of FMLs to date.
  • Keen reader – Level: master ninja

    You have voted for 50% of the entire collection of FMLs to date.
  • Keen reader – Level: student ninja

    You have voted for 15% of the entire collection of FMLs to date.
  • The return of the thumb

    You have thumbed 5000 comments.
  • The thumb strikes back

    You have left your thumbprint on 2500 comments.
  • A new thumb

    You’ve used your thumb on 1000 comments.
  • 50 favorites

    Love knows no boundaries. You’ve already added 50 FMLs to your favourites list!
  • Judgmental

    You have voted "You deserved it" over 100 times.
  • YDI Master

    You made your 500th "You deserved it" vote.
  • I agree, my mouse works.

    200 "I agree" votes is a good start.
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