By highlycontagious / Sunday 22 February 2009 09:45 / United States
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  NoFlippinWai  |  24

My husband gets this all the time. Usually, his response when they regress is "Oh, no worries. That was the look I was going for today." I lol every single time.

By  SarahHach  |  0

Is this my friend Cory....? His great aunt thinks he's a girl. And no, he's not emo. Actually, no that's a lie. But his hair isn't really emoish.

By  Femanon  |  0

Dude. Cut your hair and you won't ever have this problem again. Or maybe your face is feminine in some way... In that case, cut your face and you won't ever have this problem again. Haa.

By  JustCallMeCloud  |  0

Don't worry dude, I use to have long hair and people would whistle at me and my girlfriend while we were kissing. lol, they probably thought we were lesbians or something. One time a teacher walked up to us because we were holding hands, she started laughing and told me that she thought I was a girl. I don't have that problem anymore because I donated my hair, but once it grows back I'll be back in the same spot.

By  Blind_Ninja  |  0

If she thought you were a girl, chances are it's your fault. You probably have emo hair, you're probably underweight, you probably either girl pants or really tight pants, and your shirts probably just as tight, if not tighter. Don't feel so bad. You choose that look and chicks dig it.

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