By electricpuddle / Monday 25 April 2011 01:11 /
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the fences are designed so they won't kill, although being in water is going to make a better ground connection which will make it hurt more and if you don't believe me touch a fence then take your shoes off and touch it again

  BaskenRobin  |  2

I grew up with horses and used to grab the fence then dare my friends to grab the fence. It really doesn't hurt. However, one of my idiot friends recently peed on the fence and boy... that looked like it hurt. Hair stood up and everything.

  BaskenRobin  |  2

I think what probably happened is he touched his wiener tip to it by accident while peeing on it. (which of course is probably one of the most sensitive parts on a male body.... I'm guessing)

  Sadieladean  |  0

depends on the strength of the fence. ours is strong enough to make the dogs yelp and the horses to stay away from it, I've touched it before on accident and it hurts enough to make you want to not touch it again, would be worse if had to constantly touch it.


electricpuddle?? that made me laugh more than the actual fml puddle who uses puddle

By  jimmy0332  |  0

Wouldn't that kill you?

  lyndifluff  |  6

I donno that's a good question. I mean I would think not but I guess it depends on the intensity of the power running through the fence. it's to keep her horses in not to hurt them so I would assume it wouldn't kill her but she did end up in water so yea I donno lol.


Those fences are made to just give a little shock whenever an animal touches it, to scare it away, preventing them from running away. The current isn't strong enough to kill you, but it hurts like hell!


It takes a certain amount of voltage to be dangerous plus it would be hazardous in rainy weather, so I'd assume the current isn't near high enough to cause harm. It's scary to be shocked by a fence, I was feeding a horse when I slipped and the current caught my hand. Kinda felt like intense vibrations.

  wessman  |  0

electric fences are made to work in wet weather because it's outside, and even when it rains out, it doesn't effect the fence at all, or else it would harm the animals inside the fence

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