By Anonymous / Monday 31 August 2009 20:38 / United States
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By  Phillyphan  |  0


and first?

  chaosmint  |  0

I am NOT, however, happy for YOU ithedarkone for abusing the system by replying to the first comment just so you can be near the top of the list. You comment should be a reply to the original comment, which it obviously is not. You are on the list. Congratulations.

  ithedarkone  |  0

wow who are you like i watch the comments and snitch on people Committee... I originally was going to respond to the guy at the top but i changed my mine because whats the point people still going to do it anyway and wrote something else. But I guess there are people like you with no lives and nothing better to do. Go ahead big deal lmfao I'm so scared what a lame.

  blargity  |  0

#30, thats probably what most people on here think but without that logic, we could probably significantly reduce the amount of people replying to the first comment on fml's to be near the top
why would you assume that he has no life if the interval between when he sent those comments was only a few minutes and yours was approximately 30 minutes after his reply to you?
this is a very kinky fml


thats not much of a fml, she can probably tell that i is next to o, the bigger fml on the otherhand is if she goes to this website and notices a link between this and the email

  hkguy  |  0

Right - it's the perfect cover - if she reacts badly, just say "sorry, the I and O are right next to each other" - and if she's got any humour in her whatsoever, she'll find it funny and you can go on from there!

  chaosmint  |  0

I doubt that you proofread every email you sent. This wasn't a very important email, so I can understand accidentally having typos. He just picked the wrong word to typo.

  NeatNit  |  32

109, where does it say that? It's obvious from the wording that what really happened is OP pressed send INTENTIONALLY without proofreading.
Also, how the hell did this FML get more FYL than YDI? Proofreading is law and all who break it must root in hell!!


I proofread all of my emails. Very carefully if it's to a professor or someone important. It only takes a second (especially with such a short message) and can save you from embarrassment.

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