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pychoanalysis is bullshit. Don't let it get you down. Amatuer psychiatrists (IE people who took psych 101 in college) and shitty psychologists (even if they have a degree that doesn't mean they're actually knowledgable in the field) seem to love to pull that in social settings, though as far as I can tell it always just makes them look like jackasses. A decent, skilled psychiatrist knows that the human mind doesn't actually work like that, and a decent human being doesn't act like such a jackass at a dinner party.


I got a friend who reads ppl, too, OP.. The way I see it, if you want revenge, get another friend who is even better at reading ppl, and get him to analyse both their personality flaws.. Everybody has them..


Agreed... More than likely they talk about you behind your back all the time. This time you just happened to be present for the 'discussing of your character flaws'.

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