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Why is her name makdaddy? At first glance I thought it was her moms thong and that she was a boy at bball practice. Now that would be embarrasing


Me too, at work though. Just fell right out of my pants leg. Nobody saw, but I felt weird all day having a thong in my pocket. :)


LOL #27 One time I was at a friend's house and I tried on a thong that they never wore just to see what it felt like, and my friend made me take it home because, you know, I wore it.... then my mom picked me up and I had to stuff it in my pocket so she wouldn't know I had it and it fell out... she didn't see it because I stuffed it back in my pocket quick but it was embarassing.


ahh.! I hate when things like that happen at basketball practice. I was taking off my sweatshirt once and my pink polka dotted lacy thong fell out. i feeel your pain.! its pretty embarrasing i must say. :/

comments keep disappearing.. arg. but seriously, that's a great opportunity! don't waste the older-man option. ;)

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