By Screamslikeagirl - / Tuesday 27 September 2016 19:17 / United States - Union City
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20 my "natural human reaction" to a wasp or bee is leave it alone. Even if it is on me. Because I will get stung less or not at all if I don't aggravate it. AND being raised with a brother who is allergic to bees, if I ever angered a bee and it stung him, it could kill him and that would be my fault.

By  Eldslibo  |  20

As a person who is deadly allergic to wasp-stings, I'm really glad it didn't happen to me. I hope the swelling goes down soon. And allergy or not, it really hurts.

By  townyyy7994  |  14

When I was younger I got stung right by my eye. My face swelled until my eye was swollen shut, So now whenever I think of wasps or bees, that side of my face gets tingly where I was stung

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