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Agree with #7, once rush sets in the Stepford process begins. Also 6&8, what kind of friend does that?


I assume a party where a lot of rush is inhaled, it's a party drug that fucks you up real bad if you mis use it, I've done it a couple of times gives you a head spin and is supposed to make sex feel better


How do u assume what it is then proceed to tell us you've used it..if you used it and been to one of these "parties" you should know what it is not assume..


Here it probably means the kind sorority party that they throw to attract students to join the sorority/fraternity (and it's also a party drug, but I doubt that's what OP meant)

Actually, #2 is right in their spelling. "They are frat boys" is the correct way to say that, so using "they're" is grammatically correct. To say "their" would make no sense at all, as that version of "their" is possessive. And you only use the "too" with double "o"s when describing something (i.e. you went too fast / it was too late / they are too loud / etc.) So there is nothing wrong with #2's statement.

I think you should find a new crush. His personality is a dick to make up for what he doesnt have.

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