By justonce - / Monday 23 September 2013 22:38 / United States - Williamstown
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  Kamon97  |  23

I don't get it though if the guy fell in love with her why did he leave her? There has to be more to this story I hope we get a response from OP

By  AzraelSonOfSatan  |  7

Write all over the banners so they have to take them down.


That is true... Sorry, I didn't think of that factor. They don't do anything like that around where I'm from in Canada.

  jw90  |  18

Meanwhile in Canada. "Oh I see someone drew on this poster of this handsome man. I think he needs glasses to go with that mustache."

By  mackdeezy  |  19

This is why I say the world is fucked. Good things happen to asshats and bad things.... well, you get the idea

By  GoddessOfCookies  |  14

I do not see the big deal...
But then again I've never had a relationship...

By  Rahii_nami  |  10

:o sucks :o

By  shutupmichaela  |  18

time to change schools!

  NoFlippinWai  |  24

every day, pick out a new flaw. His forehead is too big ot smile is obvoiusly forced or something. Eventually, he will become hideous and youll wonder why you were so facinated to begin with.

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