By Anonymous - / Saturday 28 June 2014 20:40 / United States - Oakland
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By  mkymouse90  |  17

I'm sorry.. maybe it was just a mistake..

  Crazc  |  15




How do you accidentally call someone 'special'?

  illusong  |  16

@#2 what kind of mother spells her own daughter's name wrong and "accidentally" put "special"

By  alligator729  |  15

Is your husband going to do something about this..? It is HIS bitchy mother...

By  CliffyB03  |  28

I'm gonna go ahead and say it's your fault. If you knew she didn't like you, why put her in charge of something special like that?

By  mageepaigeee44  |  15

For some reason I thought of that scene from My Big Fat Greek Wedding when Tula's mom spells the mother in law's name Harry instead of Harriet on the invitations. This is why the husband and bride should look over the invitations before ordering them.

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