By anonymous / Monday 25 January 2016 14:09 / United States - Waxhaw
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By  MariaGiovanni  |  25

Let me get this straight. Your child believes that his father knocked some other woman up, then stole the embryo/fetus, implanted it into you and you raised the child as your own with your unfaithful husband and pretended nothing happened? Sounds plausible.

By  Kiernan151  |  25

Is he special or something? Where did he get an idea like that?

  MariaGiovanni  |  25

Did you really have to go there? Come on its 2016.

  Kiernan151  |  25

I wasn't trying to offend anyone or anything, I was asking a serious question. I have two family membera with Mental Retardation. I was just trying to see if there was any issues that would contribute to him thinking that. Why is everyone so sensitive?

  guii_fml  |  24

Everyone on this app is a crybaby bitch that gets offended by everything and they all go yeah itll get better yeah well it might but thats just life everyone needs to stop being so sensitive and just live their damn lives thats why i avoid the comment section on this app bc everyone all of a sudden becomes a therapist and needs to justify their existence

  GroupWorkSucks  |  15

Come on you guys, it's !

  tlnorman  |  18

It's mental disability people don't use mental retardation on account that it's not PC and frankly is not a nice thing to be labeled. Haven't used that for years.

  Kiernan151  |  25

Although if he was told it 55, he could believe it and be able to repeat it. My cousin (who is mentally retarded) was told that the his mother was actually an overweight Asian lady and his father was a skinny Black man and they they bonded together like reverse cell reproduction, and he was able to repeat it to him mom and dad. So it may not have been his thought process. And I don't care if you use the word retarded,I use it too.

  Emirac  |  10

I'm with #19 on the sibling thing. I'm the baby and my older siblings told me I was adopted all the time because I had slightly slanted eyes. I took it in stride though and put up a photo of my "real parents," some random Asian couple, by my bed.

  cocacola999  |  26

I myself once convinced my baby sister and her friends on a sunny day that a tornado was coming - because "the weather is always nice before a tornado". My parents never figured out how she got that idea.

  POSGirly  |  7

When I was three my older sister told me Elmo was dead, and I kept repeating it until my mother got me a talking Elmo toy in the middle of the night to show me he wasn't dead, to this day she denies it.

By  srhearrell  |  20

Probably just a phase. I'm sure he'll eventually get tired of it. Good luck, OP.

By  SoulEaterSE  |  23

Your son needs to realize that that's impossible

  KryssLB  |  14

They do; but you can't take an embryo that has already implanted in one woman's uterus and magically transport it into another woman's uterus. We do not have that technology. Was his biological mother an egg donor, that was fertilized in the lab and then implanted into the woman who actually carried him to term (which is the closest actual scientific thing to what he is describing)? Well, no, probably not, because if that was true then this probably wouldn't be an FML, now, would it? I think the kid (whom I get the impression is old enough to know better) is just an idiot. FYL, OP. FYL.

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