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I feel like my post didn't have enough information. No, my sister did not know we were together. I had not introduced him to my family yet. Yes, I did break up with him. No, I did not feel bad about it. Yes, my sister ended it with him after I told her what was going on.
By Alice99 - / Tuesday 12 November 2013 17:39 / United States - Bothell
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... You are NOT the father! Ahem oops wrong show!?
Hmm maybe not actually as it could be later on... To be continued... =)

  Booda_Shun  |  28

Or Wilkos! Wilkos! Wilkos!

  elnorris14  |  19

booda_shun do you mean Steve! Steve! Steve! ??

  Hesher  |  19

After a series of hijinks, both the OP and her sister realize that the boyfriend is a douche and that it was stupid of them to let a boy get between their bond. It's a film about women empowerment and the comaraderie between siblings.

  johnpaisley  |  6

No offense but you text ratchetly

By  sassypants93  |  17

Well now you all know. It's time for that sister fantasy to come true!

By  HunterMark  |  14

You mean ex-boyfriend, right?


Why is this down voted? People on here are dumb

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