By Anonymous / Friday 28 October 2011 03:48 / United States
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  Isoldael  |  25

Snakes (especially corn snakes, but I don't know what kind of snake OP's roommate has) are real escape artists - I've had my snakes escape several times as well. All it takes is the tiniest of openings, and they'll be gone. Of course, in many cases this can be prevented. In my case, by keeping my little brother away from my vivarium :p. Anyhow, OP, what kind of snake is it? I doubt it would be a species that is dangerous to humans.

  icefshng8  |  9

No snakes are attracted to blood. Wild snakes eat live food. The only reason they'll eat dead food in captivity, is because they are tricked into it. Any snake that can simply "get lost" multiple times, isn't a very big snake. No need to fear op! Your roomate is just trying to scare you.

  Isoldael  |  25

As for snakes eating dead animals and being attracted to blood - there is generally no need to "trick" them into eating, unless you call putting dead mice next to them "tricking". Some snakes will refuse to eat that. It's generally advised to cut the mouse up a little or open up its skull so that the smell of organs and blood is stronger. Most snakes will eat then, so apparently the smell of blood does do something.

By  pitchblease  |  2

Snake here, I just wanted to let you know your roommate intentionally let's me out, she hates you.

PS: I'm gonna kill you b!tch!

  theevilduchess  |  12

Bahahaha! That's bloody great!


Snakes aren't attracted to blood as their primary diet consists of lizards, mice, rats, eggs, frogs, and other small animals. There's no way a nonvenomous snake under 15 ft. could kill you, btw.

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