By Grounded - / Thursday 3 November 2011 09:18 / United States
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  MagicallyFat  |  12

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By  Miss_Michaela  |  10

If my parents were like that, I'd never misbehave again.

  KaelaKhaotic  |  5

I watched that video so many times, and I just cried more and more every time I watched it. No one, let alone any kid, should be treated like that. People like him should rot in hell for all eternity.

  nmx2  |  2

156 - I'm not a usually a violent person. But I seriously hope someone regularly beats the shit out of you with a club. And I wonder how different the reaction would have been if, instead of his kid, the guy had been beating his wife with a belt. Think about it.

  GCSA26  |  0

Dear Tczero, as a social worker I can safely tell you that this is indeed a form if child abuse. It is emotional abuse infringing into physical abuse and neglect. There are different extremes but no matter the extreme all forms of abuse are taken seriously by social services and not tolerated whatsoever. If you are implying that you are being abused which is why you are invalidating this members issue, I will tell you that you should not have to endure abuse and it should not be tolerated. I strongly recommend that you either talk to a school counsellor about this or report the abuse yourself. Do not suffer alone, there are people to help you

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