By ugh / Tuesday 1 December 2015 03:52 / Canada - Lethbridge
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  Feklfekl2222  |  32

Extra crazy for assuming pot not cigarettes, why would her first thought be pot?


#10, probably because most people don't roll their own cigarettes. Even though a lot of people do, it's just not very common. At least, it's not common where I am. But depending on the OP's age, cigarettes would be just as bad as pot.

  Feklfekl2222  |  32

I don't know how it works in Canada, but in some places smoking is fine you just can't buy them. But I'm fairly sure cannabis is going to be more illegal than underage smoking

  Elban  |  20

Maybe you aren't doing it right then. Smoke everyday before and after while working out and still gained 5lbs of lean muscle a month easy without juicing

By  Tejanoswhy  |  19

You should stick it in her room then tell her the same thing

  quesocoatl  |  14

some cheaper brands don't label the cardboard packaging. I've purchased multi packs that only labeled the outer packaging too. It could have looked suspicious enough for the mom to be confused.

By  Tacogamer20  |  14

So instead of asking why you had them, she jumped to conclusions and yelled at you off of the assumptions. You seem to have a lovely family, hope for the best when you do distance yourself from them.


Today, my sister came out of her room sobbing uncontrollably. When I asked what was wrong, she put her fingers in my face and asked if they smelled like pickles, and if "that's normal for girls". They did. It's not. FML

By Carebeareatu - / Saturday 14 September 2013 05:42 / United States - North Richland Hills

Today, I was berated by a pharmacist, who said that kids these days are on so many unnecessary medications for "fake diseases". I was just trying to pick up the medication I've been prescribed to control my epilepsy. FML

By SSeizeTheDay - / Friday 3 May 2013 20:52 / United States - Medford
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