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  LolMoqz  |  10

Haha, I was going to make a lame Soviet Russia joke about Pikachu choosing you.. but nah.

  flockz  |  19

a wild Psycho Mother has appeared. ( key theme music) Psycho Mother uses Steal Money! ITS SUPER EFFECTIVE!! (player starts bursting into tears) Psycho Mother quickly uses Ancient Soul Prophecies! ITS SUPER EFFECTIVE!! Player is down to no health... WAIT!!! Player uses FML to describe his feelings! EVERY STAT MAXES OUT! Player uses Common Sense on Psycho Mother! Psycho Mother fled.

By  peasonearth  |  8

she went to the psychic or you went to the psychic?

  ProudTexan117  |  0

Well it does say that it's their mom, but the wording about the money is weird. It says the mom took it out of savings. Jot that it wad op's savings. If it was the mom's money then op should just let their mom spend their money on stupid stuff and not worry about it. It's not op's money....unless it was a joint account, which I don't know why someone would have a joint acct with their parents....

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