By Surprise - / Wednesday 4 January 2017 21:49 /
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By  PineapplePizza  |  15

Cars cost a lot of money, she may be upset about such a large purchase without talking about it with her. It could have wiped out their savings for his impulsive buy. I'd be mad he didn't talk to me first.

By  KimberlyMize  |  3

Sounds like his big surprise was the simple fact Y'ALL now have a new Dodge Ram. Congratulations. I hope it gets good gas mileage and you enjoy driving trucks because there ain't no "mine" and "yours" in marriage. If my hubby pulled something like that, I'd commandeer the truck for a few days just to remind him of that fact. 

For real though, as long as you can afford it, I'd let him have his shiny new truck if it makes him happy (boys and their toys and all that...) and doesn't

By  jamielusions  |  19

So you went out to eat and your husband has a new car.. I don't see the problem here. A surprise doesn't have to be a gift for you. I'd be so happy if my gf suddenly bought a new phone for herself.


Today, I had to end a first date with the words, "You can get out of my car and go upstairs yourself, or I can come around and drag you out, bring you up the stairs, and knock on your door," because he'd gotten completely plastered in a span of about three hours. And yes, I had to drag him. FML

By nep012 / Thursday 27 November 2014 07:12 / United States
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