By Anonymous - / Tuesday 16 September 2014 17:44 / Netherlands
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Thanks to the Internet, I've found out that a lot of kids react negatively to their mother being pregnant. My advice is to make sure your kid doesn't feel like you've abandoned them.


My family thinks that I'm trying to suffocate my 3-month old baby brother. While everyone thinks I don't want a brother, here I am trying to convince them that I don't mind having a baby brother.


My older sister was not happy when I came along. My parents had to keep me away from her because she tried to smother me with a pillow and poke out my eyes! Evil!!!


Unless he turns out like that super freaky psychopathically challenged kid in one of the SVU episodes who hated his sister so much that he tries to burn the house down with her inside... Hope not OP :-)

You need to be sensitive to his feelings OP but at the same time he is 8 years old and he should not be punching you in the stomach. Sit him down and calmly explain that you understand his feelings and that your love for him will not change when the baby comes, but then firmly explain that hitting is never ok and there will be consequences if he tries that again. 8 years old is old enough to know not to hit and to understand consequences. He may not like the idea of a sibling now but he will com

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