The illustrated FMLs
By Anonymous / Sunday 8 June 2014 18:01 / Canada - North Bay
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  2i1337i2iscore  |  26

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  BobbieH  |  26

I agree, not everyone deserves better. I'm not advocating cheating in any case, just leave, but it doesn't mean the offended person isn't an ass and deserves no less then they get.

  SkittlesGoRawr  |  15

That's one of the most overused, stereotypical statements ever. Just because someone is blond doesn't make them stupid, and just because someone is stupid doesn't make them blond.

  jkmartinjk  |  25

Wow, way to use a broad brush on ally cats. I used to know an ally cat and he had one of the best hearts out of anyone I've ever met. Jeez. People like you disgust me.

By  gracehi  |  38

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  gracehi  |  38

I never said it was, 38. I said that since his girlfriend was both stupid and dishonest, that I hoped that at least the sex was good. By saying that I was insinuating that both intelligence and honesty are desirable qualities in a girlfriend. But since OP's girlfriend clearly lacks those desirable qualities, I would hope that she's at least good in bed, another desirable quality in a girlfriend. But of course, my comment was in jest. In all seriousness, I'd strongly advise that OP dump this stupid, lying bitch, regardless of her sexual attributes. I don't know why anyone would take that comment seriously. This is a humor site after all, is it not? Perhaps my comment wasn't particular funny, but that still doesn't warrant it's treatment as a serious assessment of the situation.

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