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This was actually my FML, everyone. No, it wasn't a pedophile, THANK GOD. It was a couple, and they said "Umm...can we help you?" and I was like, "Sorry! I thought you were my friends!" Then got out awkwardly. They had the same car. It wasn't my fault.
By HorcruxDelight73 / Saturday 26 May 2012 23:00 / United States - Lakewood
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  KairoFallin  |  0

Hah it's fine, I just felt like being a grammar nazi for once in my life. :P

  iStrukk  |  7

16- You are probably the dumbest person I have ever met if you think you are a "grammar" nazi for correcting a spelling error. Learn gooder English, Mmmkay?

  MrLibya  |  2

72, Learn better English* sick! I'm now a grammar nazi! Hitler! Here I come,


It's not *the* Pedo Bear, it's just Pedo Bear. You ain't going to find another bear more Pedo than Pedo bear.

By  GemmaStyles  |  14

Hah let's hope it wasn't a pedophile, dear x

  fylx100  |  19

I thumbed you down for your username.

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