By Hoggiebear / Wednesday 5 October 2011 16:08 / United States
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  flamerocker  |  9

Gotta love college adventures!


#1... I call bullshit. There is no way you are 24. Maybe 12 lmfao. If your gonna lie try to make it believable next time.

  13FTW  |  9

91, with that comment you have just walked into the world of idiots. They have been expecting you for a while though. Next time you stalk someone, take the time to read the entire profile. Fucking moron.

  that_band_nerd  |  22

To anyone like #97 let me explain. That picture is from the internet and is a part of a joke about sixth grade swag fags. He says it isn't him if you read his Bio and not just his age.

  bacon1043  |  3

Anecdote - short strory. I'm so smart. XD

By  kamikrazy  |  6

Wow. Luckkyyyy

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