By tiredofbullshit / Friday 8 January 2016 06:06 / United States
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I live on New Hampshire. It was 70 degrees up until the end of December. We've only had 2 inches of snow all winter. I think OP needs a wahmbulance.

I live in New England and considering temperatures, a car is much safer. You should bring that up, try and convince him.


I could never imagine having to walk... I live in one of the snowiest cities in America by population thanks to lovely lake effect snow, and even walking from my dorm building to class can be rough.


What does population have to do with with measuring which city has the most snow? Besides doesn't more population make it less of a hardship than less populated or a more rural location? You would have the luxury of more services to combat dealing with it like more and better plowed roads and more public transit routes? I'm guessing you live near the Great Lakes. They get some beautiful but wicked effects on the shorelines. I love seeing the photos every year. It's fascinating. Thankfully

Well, at least there's not very much snow as of yet, so you have time to talk with him. Walking ten miles in the cold still sucks, though. :/

Are you a new driver OP? If so I can understand why he would worry especially during winter conditions, however walking 10 miles in bad weather also sounds dangerous so I hope you can reason with him

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