By anonymous / Wednesday 1 December 2010 08:30 / United States
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Or better yet don't let him hear it and just do it. Teach him a real lesson. Or just go throw up on him and tell him it's not him it's his face. Or do both. Or neither. I should go to sleep. even though it's 10:30 AM.


Exactly what I was gonna say. It's not that hard to figure out. Good thing you overheard him, OP. This is no fml for you. Now you can move on.


33, even if OP is a crazy stalker bitch, making a promise and breaking it is an asshole move. If she's really that nuts, than the co-worker should have said something else, instead of "I'll take you out to dinner." There's no excuse for being an asshole.

go to his house when the dinner is suppossed to happen, text him " I can see you sitting on your couch" and send a pic of it to his phone. than walk away. he won't wanna mess with you again.. :)

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