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Does it mean two of those were still yours and that you hadn't paid for them? And seriously.. do they really track tickets by car, and not by driver? Smells like a fake


Considering the OP didn't say "Four of those tickets were from 06-07 (The last one had to be hers)," I'm going to assume that she in fact put two of those tickets on the record, and there were just no tickets from 2007.


lol, he also said he got his car and license in 08, so what about 07? Man you guys are so smrt. Two tickets in two years, still your fault man, should have gotten them sorted out.

Yep Defntly Contest the Citation!! Often this stuff happens and often the ne Reg Owners get thier cars back!! In conclusion Get er DONE!!!

This is why you ALWAYS switch the title. If you don't, you're responsible for any "surprises" from the previous owner. YDI

By  eli20

well if u have proof you could fight it off. depending too on the type of judge you get... you should always do background check if you purchasing a car from a stranger nd change your license plate which it's smart 2 do at the very beginning... hope all is resolved.

Bullshit. The vehicle would come up with a new owner, new registration. You got booted for your own tickets, not tickets before you owned the car.


Kinda like when I switched phone numbers and I keep getting calls for David. My name is Sara. Not a huge deal. I switched numbers because I kept getting 10-12 crazy calls a day from these weird foreignese people. I have no idea what nationality they were, but they would call from 8 different phone numbers and it was horrible. I think I would rather have the David phone calls though :)


exactly, if you're too cheap or lazy to go to the dmv and register your car then it's your own fault. you didn't have 4 hours in the 2 years you've had it?

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