By Anonymous / Sunday 15 July 2012 04:09 / United States - Aston
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  Death_Hoe_Inn  |  10

The garbage can in my photo looks like R2-D2

By  n3rdzgotskillz  |  29

That's not true! Vaginas look much worse than Yoda.

  darwinism  |  29

Spoken like a true n3rd. I don't know what skillz you have, but I'm sure they don't concern the ladies. Keep trying champ!

  Jikan_fml  |  3

How did you end up thinking that she was male? Her title is even listed as "Miss" in her profile. I don't know why she got downvoted either. I mean, I got a laugh out of it. And they aren't the prettiest things around...

By  jonooooo  |  3

Well does it?

  Inheritance  |  10

Don't hate me for this.. But this reminds me of blue waffle..

By  xtcolin  |  7

Lovely, Tell him his dick looks like Chewbacca

  brill33  |  7

I like vaginas, then again only girl I've been with kept hers nice and neat. Definitely no Yoda pussy, I don't know, I'm sure if I went down on her and saw that, I would freak the hell out.


Like Yoda, your vagina does look.

By  DocBastard  |  38

I'll Han it to you, I think you R2 uptight, but I Luke the way he thinks. Next time you get Leiad, as he inVaders you tell him his Ewok is turning into a Wookie, and I guarantee you he will Darth Maul you.

Hm...these puns seems a little Forced. Sorry about that.


I can never understand how you come up with all the witty puns so fast. It would take me at least 30 minutes to think of something like this, and even then it would be horribly stated and downvoted to oblivion.

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