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So, he's a jerk because he breaks up with you over text, I get that. You, on the other hand, are an idiot for apparently thinking that one expensive gift would have chained him to you for the rest of your lives.


The problem is you gave him a gift for your "anniversary." You weren't married. Girls who celebrate dating, kissing, etc., anniversaries end up being high-maintenance. You pushed him away, and he finally realized it.


She...pushed him away by giving him a really expensive gift...? Wow, fuck his life, that poor man. He got a gift because his girlfriend values him so much!


That's just a stupid theory. Just because it's fun to reminisce little anniversaries like first kiss doesn't mean a girl is high maintenance, and almost every couple I know not married celebrates anniversaries. Besides it's more romantic to celebrate the day you were first together than the day you signed a paper saying so.


She pushed him away? By buying him something for an anniversary? Why does the marriage certificate hold so much importance? They're not a "real" couple unless they're married? Don't you ever buy gifts for your friends? Damn people expect too much out of women.


an·ni·ver·sa·ry 1 : the annual recurrence of a date marking a notable event; Just because they aren't married doesn't mean it isn't an anniversary. Plenty of people, at least around here, celebrate their dating anniversaries. In fact, I'd venture to guess that it's the norm. Just because she (and you really don't know, maybe he) wanted to do something nice to celebrate when they first started dating doesn't make her high maintenance in the least. If this FML read something like, "Today, fo

Did he use the built-in "Message" app or did he download the "Dump That Ho!" one? There IS an app for that.

I agree that the theory that she "pushed him away" is sorta ridiculous. And point made when you said "don't you ever get your friends gifts." It's beyond normal to give to the people who are close to you - especially intimately for four years. I imagine he probably felt that way for at least a little amount of time before the anniversary. A lot of guys brew those feelings in their heads for a bit before coming out with them (not all guys). Especially in relationships that


Now that we JUST got MMS in the US, I'd take a close-up of my middle finger to illustrate and reinforce the point made by the text.

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