By Anonymous - / Monday 12 September 2011 08:43 / United States
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  catkat1988  |  17

At 23, he should be able to stand up to his mother and make his own decisions. Sure, the mother is probably a witch, but if he can't defend his relationship, then he is at fault.

  SemperFi_23  |  6

Hi mother probably felt that because he looks 43 instead of 23 he shouldn't be dating anyone so young. She also felt that because of his lack of important knowledge, such as telling the difference between a tornado and hurricane, he could not properly provide for for the girl. He apparently also failed to acknowledge the advice of a woman in a gas station to acquire Jesus.

  CatEyes66  |  0

Mama's boys are the worse, usually the mother runs the relationship. Even if the OP was a " b*tch" a 23 yr old man can take of himself. He doesn't need his mother running his love life, that's personal.

  auriane_fml  |  19

@ 36 Do you happen to be the mom of the OP's ex- boyfriend? I can't think of any other reason why you would think that a mom forcing her son to break- up with someone would be normal. Even if the gf was the biggest bitch alive the mom still had to stay out of it. It's not her relationship and her son is 23 years old.

  elmousey  |  5

The mom doesn't "have" to stay out of anything, she can do what she wants. Since you can't think of any reason the mom should intervene, here's one I've seen. OP and BF could be a couple of heroine addicts and the mom is getting him the help he needs, starting with dropping the GF. On the other hand the mom could also hate this chick for no reason, and be denying her son an inheritance or some sort of money until he breaks it off.

By  Lexiebear27  |  10

Oh man that is messed up! If his mother has that much control you don't want to be with him anyway. She would probably start to try and control you as well. But I am sorry OP. I hope your day gets better.

By  Mitch_Connor  |  11

You stayed with a guy who still lived at home with his mom, I presume? Gee who's fault is this, now?

  Mitch_Connor  |  11

Valid point, but if he really cared about her then he would have manned up to his mother. But he didn't, therefore he's still a kid depending on mom. So it's the OP's fault for not seeing the warning signs.


A guy staying at home with his parents at that age doesn't mean shit. My fiancé loved with his parents until he was 23 and then he moved out with me and he doesn't have any issues.

By  jmad29  |  2

I agree with freeze, it's very unattractive when a guy is controlled by his mom like that. I know because my first love was like that and him leaving me was the best thing ever!

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